11.26.04: So since March I've lost 60 pounds. I feel pretty good about it. I have a lot more energy and I get a lot more out of my being. Lately I've taken to grinding up all my food in this thing called the MAGIC BULLET. It's pretty awesome. I've been trying to eat vegan and raw foods. This is difficult since I love chicken and cookies. However, I ruined my life once already, better not try again. I still have like 40 or 50 more dudes to lose. Yes I've been dumped.

Fuck my new CD is going to be so fucking awesome. You have no idea what a power house of music this beast is going to be. Some of you might say "Dan, your other CDs are terrible. Why should be believe you about this one?" And I say to you fuck off. This new CD will destroy all music and minds and leave only blood and space.

Stay busy. Don't dwell on things. Don't drive your self crazy. Find something "else" to love and focus on that. And it can't be killing someone you hate. Nope nope nope. Stay away from that topic.

11.17.04: Man did i forget about this fucking page. Sorry I was such a horrible webmaster. For a while I lost my mind and my life. Time takes it time as I try to not be a total bastard. Sucks. However, I am back in the website world and my music is being kind to me again. Sometimes it takes the worst possible shit in the world to ruin your life.

So I have all these picture from the September tour with Bow & Height but they are on 3.5 floppy discs and I do not have a floppy drive. Something will get worked out since the images page is a sad joke.

Work words: My next CD is rounding out nicely and a few lables have poked an interested in it. I wonder how I can bocth that up. Other things in the works are a series of better paintings, a book of drawings, and a collection of potery that has been emailed to me by robots.

New shirts are on the way. Get ready to wear fun summer t-shirts in the fucking stupid winter. I am totally on friendster and myspace and I've sold my snake to them. Everyday: loser. Email me some cool clipart and I'll hit you back. Website updates. Bigger Bests. Filling a void with bullshit and covering it with rotting skin. YES!

8.10.04: The journey of details once promised is now a proof of lies. All I can say is that I saw Devo and they were (are) kings. Also the Rat Ward Festival was awesome. It was nice seeing Art Lord & the Self Portraits again. They are so awesome. The show had many other cool bands and also a wicked fight with blood and then a knife came over.

I have been working on a great deal of new material. There should be 3 new songs in the works for the September tour with Bow N Height. I am fucking tired and need to let my eyes sleep.

6.26.04: Its here: my breathtaking Internet connection. How amazing it is. I have primed several new flash movies; possess new MP3s of the Week for you to possess. Also photos and other stupid bullshit will soon be added to this world of lies, the Internet. The move to Baltimore has been sinking in and I am very glad I did it. While my heart and I miss New York for its State and City, I feel it is a dead place of shit and I hate it. My wishes are for my other friends to join us here in the Charm City (murder capital).

Well, I got a really good review and since this website is all about me and how great I am I thought this would be the perfect place to put it! Also, an online newspaper has written a written a story about me which is also glowing. The links below will only work temporarily, but you can also read them both below in the PRESS section below Biographical World.

5.19.04: Well, I’ve moved to Baltimore. After the tour with ‘Cairo Wings: Nuclear Power Parts’ end I will have much time on my hands and this web site will reflect that spare time and how I spend it. I know I have promised a lot in the past weeks of updates and new fun, but alas it waits another week or so. To those of you that have added me to your favorites and feel I have let you down, eat shit.

4.11.04: Easter dudes. Eggs. Jesus. For real, Baltimore is astounding. Thanks so much to Bow N’ Arrow, Mickey Freeland, and the Talking Head for setting up this awesome show. It’s been a while since I played a show that had a crowd as splendid as the one in Baltimore. Also Whale Sounds is (very much) awesome. Additionally, I had a good time talking to neat new Baltimore people as well. Overall: 100% F.U.N.

Twacky Cats seems is going strong for free on Comfort Stand. If you haven’t yet downloaded the EP with ‘Ohio’ and ‘Lion with a Sharks Head’ you can get it by going to My girlfriends father said ‘twacky cats’ today and I thought it was very funny. I better go find some more eggs!

3.07.04: It sure has been a while, where to begin? I fought a long and shitty battle with a sickness. The sickness gifted me with a very bad sore throat, a wonderful cough with colorful mucus, many headaches and no energy due to sleepless nights. I eventually won (I think) a few days ago.

Well, the 27th show meant for the Sidewalk Café was a non-show. There were some miscommunications between (my friend) Langhorne Slim, myself, and the venue, which resulted in me never actually being booked. I found this out the day off. Luckily, since everyone is awesome, a new show is in the works: Antifolk.

Moving right along, on Sunday the 29th, I was still feeling rather sick but I had my first show in Nassau County, NY since 1999. The Masons hosted the show in the temple in Hicksville. The show was with 700 amazing bands and down the street from both a Reptile House and one of the creepiest graffiti Swastikas I have ever seen. The show was fun, however, since I was in the middle of my illness my energy level was clearly in the red for the whole show and overall I wish I had a few power-ups. While my performance was still endlessly amazing, I hope to return to the Masonic Temple for a 10,000% show. I will write more about the other shows soon. I am sleepy.

2.15.04: Saturday's performance on WFMU was great. I had a ton of fun and I couldn't of been more happy with how everything turned out. Sword Form was hands down the best group of performers/non-performers I have ever worked with. I hope to go into the studio in April with the group to record some more pieces with them. Also, everyone should love and thank the great Dan Gaeta, OCDJ. He is truely the best and cannot be beat.

I'm still sorta sick so I don't want to update anymore. I'll post some stupid shit here on sunday. Bye!

2.15.04: Well some video has finally been added. You dicks. The big radio show is this Saturday, February 21st at 8pm. I can’t tell you enough how great this is going to be for me. I am going to be really awesome. Being wonderful with me will be the Sword Form Ensemble. Which is made up of …

Tuba: Drew Swinburne
Trombones: Cam Milar
Trumpet: Connor Kizer
Clarinets: David Recca, Bob O’brien
Alto Sax: Ryan Syrell
Guitars: Josh Benash, Allen Mozek
Violin: Bob Pycior
Double Bass: Matt Krahula
Percussion: Oscar Chabebe
Voice: Dina Kelberman, Ray Roy

Sword Forms is a freshly gathered ensemble made up of trained and untrained musicians. Some good and some unique in their techniques. They will be performing a series of compositions that, for the most part are improvisational in nature. I will be posting the scores online on so that listeners can play along at home.

In addition to the pieces played by Sword Form, I will also be performing my popular live shows classics and other pieces that should be just stupendous! There will be free giveaways and prize surprises.

WFMU is an independent freeform radio station broadcasting at 91.1 fm in the New York City area, at 90.1 fm in the Hudson Valley, and live on the web at in Realaudio, or in Windows Media, as well as two flavors of MP3, and all programs archived in Realaudio.

2.02.04: Bunts (Bunting). Friday at the Moose Lodge was a true dream. The loyal order and their patrons were a fantastic audience to perform before. Mike Longo of Ace Green is awesome for setting up this show. Extra thanks are given to all of you that either bought CDs or tried to buy one before they sold out. If you took any photos or video of this show I would love to have copies of them to post on the images section. In summation, I had a really great time.

A travel series of small seeings and hearings are being worked out. Part: three new shows have been added to the shows page. More information will be is shall to come as details become finalized. Upstate New York versus Earth!

My performance schedule of Lodges as well as Lounges extends this Saturday to embrace the Ultrasound Lounge found East Meadow, NY. I play with friends and friends of friends. SHOWS!

Aslo, the MP3 of the Week page has been added. Each week a new mp3 will be added for you to download for free. I am a nice guy.

So my fucking Hotmail account just stopped giving me my mail. Microsoft really knew when to fuck me the hardest. I hate them even more now. From now on, please only email at I just don’t trust my hotmail account to work anymore. If you emailed me on or after February 1st, I did not get your email. Please resend to if it was of any importance. Me me me.

1.24.04: The Baltimore performance at the Talking Head went, in actual fact, glowingly. For my foremost musical undertaking in the city that reads, the handsome mayor supplied a exceptionally enthusiastic and responsive throng. Conversely, there were various miniature evils in the midst of the Public Address system and my microphone, other than that the whole thing was pleasure. Bow N’ Arrow was fucking tremendous. Everyone paying attention to anything right and good in the world of rap composition ought to pay riches for his album “I Saved My Life.” I anticipate playing loads of additional concerts with this young man and his first-class pal, the Height Man. Josh Tonsfeldt and Long Live Death were also fun. Josh and I will again be together soon on He Teeth this session. I bet reading this was a read treat! I am in Hew Jersey with Yellow Lights.

The moon crashed into my fucking house on the Saturday. President King had built a giant crane to try to pull it out from my roof. Before he could get that crane moist, Octopus came over and stole the moon for new volleyball porno. President King just rolled joints and cursed Octopus out. The joints were KB, real deal KB. Later, the QUEEN MICE told Octopus the rank out PK was blasting and Octopus made some steel with his beam cock. The parts were concealed.

The Island that hosted my birth will host my next two performances. I will be playing on WUSB 90.1 Stony Brook on Tuesday, 3pm and live in concert in West Islip at a Moose Lodge on Friday, The shows page will tell you everything you need to k.n.o.w.

1.17.04: Merchandizing: the key to success! The online store is OPEN! The money is just pouring in! You better act fast because there are a finite number of products each. The new CD, the old CDs, the T-SHIRT and the BUTTONS! A whole bag of shit for you. It’s a PayPal store so get ready.

Spelking. Incase you don’t know this already I am a putrid speller, actually dyslexic, and a poor typist. Because of this the website (like all everything I do) is riddled with errors. I have been trying to combat this problem with spell-check and claim to “proof” reading! I will not be fixing the old new postings below.

Get ready Baltimore! I have three days of performance scheduled for Maryland locational claim to fame. See the shows page for information. Two of the performances are for this children’s dance company dressed as bugs. I can’t fucking wait!

1.04.04: The Knitting Factory show went really well. The crowd seemed to really be enjoying my performance and I also had a good time. Several new songs were primered; Lion With a Sharks Head, Totally Boner Eat Shit, and Hey Lets Go For A Ride! all graced the ears of listeners for the first time. There are pictures from the show in the images section and a few videos in the videos section.

Oh yeah, Meetle Mice is ranked #3 in the TOP 10 albums of 2003 by WFMU radio personality OCDJ. To see the rest of the list or to listen to the show click here. The OCDJ had this to say about me and Meetle Mice:

Absolutely amazing...a true musical and compositional genius. Any work from him is sure to impress.-OCDJ, WFMU

Friday, 8pm, Februrary 21st, 2004 I'll be returning to to OCDJ's radio show "Plug and Play" to play an hour long live set of compositions for electronics and some works for chamber ensembles. I can't wait for this.

12.20.03: Show reports!!! The DUMBA Art Collective show was kind of a bust. Poor publicity and the L Train being broken didn't help this allstar line-up. Also, the venue locked the door to get in and the only way to get in was to pound on the hard cold metal.

The North Six show was fun. Big fancy show in the main space, good sound person/system, I changed the set list up, sold a few CDs, saw some friends and met some new friends. I also saw Jeffery Lewis play for the first time, we swaped some stuff we sell. I enjoy our time together and long to see him again. I am not gay.

In website news, I've been fixin'! Everypage but the text page is up. I know how concerned you all were. Show updates in the shows section.

I've been working on the site a lot more lately, trying to make it 100%. I'm giving it my all. I am a go getter. Dreamweaver has no problem with giving me a hard time every now and then.

So, the charts. Never before have I been on charts. As much as I might be blowing this up, it is an enjoy process for me. At first I didn't think it was such a big deal but my friends and loved ones convinced me otherwise, now I can't get over it. For those of you who live in the Middle East or something, I made heavy rotation on wfmu (90.1 NYC) with selections from my CD Silly Hat vs. Egale Hat. If my logic is correct, I'm the 18th most played person on that radio station and the 2nd most player RPM artist played. RPM you ask? I also have no idea.

Fans: get ready for a new song or two at the 12/10 show. Hopefully these new songs will exist.

Almost nothing here works yet. But look how long it takes to load! The shows page works and the new Mesage Board. I'll be working on this more. Great.


Before we begin, I, Dan Deacon, have written this. I want there to be no illusions about it. Just about every band/performer writes their own press statement and they are always the most glowing and gold words you will ever read. This has always struck me as odd. Whenever I try to do this I just feel like a giant asshole liar and end up just writing something not funny. Having read hundreds of these bios when I was a promoter of shows I often found many press kits to be overly story like or just massive jerk off sessions leading no where. I hated them. So with all that said, below is my take on what I consider to be an acceptable press bio. If you have any problems with it please email my internet press agent at

Absurdist composer and electronic musician, Dan Deacon, is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Musically influenced by Devo, Talking Heads, Scratch Orchestra, People Like Us, Raymond Scott and Conlon Nancarrow, Dan’s music strives to take contemporary experimental composition and electronic music out of the circle of the esoteric intellectual gangs and hipster communities, placing it into the more informal “fun time.” His high-energy performances consist of song-structured material performed with Casio keyboard, computer, vocoder and many whosits and whatsits to process his voice and signal generator.

Musically influenced by Devo, Talking Heads, Scratch Orchestra, People Like Us, Raymond Scott and Conlon Nancarrow, Dan’s music strives to take contemporary experimental composition and electronic music out of the circle of the esoteric intellectual gangs and hipster communities and place it into the more informal “fun time”.

His performance and compositional techniques shows strong influences from the Fluxus Movement, Italian Futurism, Performance Art, Spiderman, Absurdism, and the current movement in underground rock. While maintaining a constant performance and tour schedule Dan has spent most of his time working on pieces for brass ensemble, string quartet, solo cello, solo study and his study in mid and high frequency sine waves.

Dan Deacon has performed with Cat Power, People Like Us, Matmos, Tracy and the Plastics, Rasputina, Dufus, Kool Keith, MC Paul Barum, Prince Paul, Blue Oyster Cult, Oxes, Grand Buffet, Arab On Radar, Rainer Maria, the Aquabats and many others.


Underneath are the full reviews/article that in some way critiqued my music/performance. The parts that are relevant to me, Dan Deacon, will be in bold and yellow. This makes me feel very narcissistic, but if you are on this part of the website than I guess you are here to read reviews about me. If you desire to read reviews of other people read the non-bolded parts of this section.

Review of 6/18/04 Warehouse Next Door Show
Washington City Paper, June 25-July 1, 2004
by Greg Centon

Last Friday I went to Warehouse Next Door on Craig's recommendation to see the Detholz from Chicago, and I was pleasantly surprised to find four awesome acts that had almost nothing in common except for their complete absence of suckage. How often does that happen? I'll tell ya, not often enough.

The Aquarium's (and City Paper's) Jason Hutto opened the show with his solo Third Channel stuff, all classic avant-Casio sounds and old-skool beatbox compositions. Like the Aquarium stuff, the songs are melodically simple, but glazed with the tinny harsh early-digital buzz instead of the rounded tones of the electric piano. Topping it was a slide show of works from City Paper's own Ben Claassen, images that were equal parts beautiful and hilarious.

An indie-rap act from our sister second city, Baltimore, composed of two MCs, Height and Bow 'N Arrow, and their DJ, Shields, were up next. They weren't bad, but I was a lot more impressed with Shields' beats and the oddball distorto audio stir-fry that he assembled than I was with any of the rhymes that I heard. Still, I wish there were more folks doing that kinda stuff around here, but y'know, D.C. just doesn't seem to be a real friendly place for hiphop of any kind.

After them, another Balto act came up and proved to be the high point of the evening for me. Dan Deacon performs an eccentric brand of electronic music that is so distinctive I don't see how he couldn't be a solo act. His digital torture started somewhere between demented circus music and warped polka, but quickly took on lots of hints from more standard pop structures. Even at its most ordinary, which wasn't very ordinary by any usual scale, Deacon took great joy in using his computer and other assorted electronics to twist the sounds beyond any normal expectations, and this was one of the things I liked best about his stuff. Too many folks use computers or synths to play loops or back themselves, but really don't use them to do anything that couldn't be done, more or less, by humans. By contrast, the machine love in Deacon's stuff was obvious; his sounds are inhuman in all the best ways possible.

The more obvious highlight of Deacon's set was the spastic energy of his performance, an even more extreme rarity in the often dull laptop arena. Hell, plenty of plain old rock bands don't have half the nerdly charisma or give off one tenth the sweat he did during his all too short set. And the energy was infectious; before he was two songs into his set the Warehouse had erupted into a spontaneous dance party, and I think we all know exactly how common that is in D.C.

To say that the Detholz had their work cut out for them would be a cliché, but it would also be the truth; the evening had been a long climb and the step we had scaled right before they went on had been a pretty big one. They certainly came equipped to keep the dance party going, playing a set of disco-inspired new wave, complete with the Giorgio Moroder synth patches and "shup-shup" hi-hats. They even opened with a dirgey cover of "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang, to which they slowly added Devo-esque bits, chunks of early Talking Heads' nervey paranoia, and even some vocal work that recalled nothing so much as "Mr. Roboto." Thing is, I got the feeling that the "weirdness" they worked hard to project was a lot more contrived and theatrical than any of the stuff we'd seen earlier in the evening, and that just rubbed me the wrong way. It was really just bad luck on their part; if they'd been paired with any of a number of more ordinary bands they would have been more affecting, but there are few acts out there that could make any kind of an impression following Dan Deacon. Here's hoping that he makes the trip down the B-W Parkway frequently.
Copyright © 2004 Washington Free Weekly Inc.

Review of 520/04 Warwick, NY Performance, June 25-July 1, 2004
by Invador Staff

The Invader Editorial Board was delighted to attend a recent performance of the consummate experimental act, Dan Deacon, in Warwick, New York. Invader editors were ‘shocked and awed’ by the lively and bizarre performance of Deacon’s dances, screams and emphatic exclamations. The delightful and eclectic music was created as well as composed by Deacon, and filled the room and the streets outside with an air of ‘drama, excitement and rapture’.

“If The Invader were to make music, this is what it would sound like!” exclaimed Oqil Oqilov Tajikistani Prime Minister and Invader Board Member. Mr. Oqilov was so moved by Dan Deacon’s music, that he has named Deacon ‘Vice Pro-Tempore Chancellor of Chamber Music and Instrumental Development’ of the Jumhurii Tojikiston.

Deacon’s recent Tajik tour was attended by over 25 million exuberant fans, who praise the musician as a leader of the proletariat and ‘glorious destroyer’ of western values and musical hierarchy. Deacon’s latest Central Asian tour schedule takes him through the Yablonovyy mountains ranges, up the Lena River to Verkhnevilyaysk, and then over the Kamchatka Peninsula.

The Occidental Development Foundation International (ODFI) the holding company The Invader News Services, has asked Deacon to become ‘Associate Consultant on the Development of Occidental Experimental Music.’

“Deacon’s leadership and innovative experiments in music have made him the front runner in the ‘War on Terror.’ This ceremonial position at ODFI will be a soap box on which he can stand and deliver his message to the free world.” stated ODFI board member and associate consultant, Lou Tintarello.

The Invader, as well as ODFI, look forward to more musical compositions and amazing performances from this leader in experimental music. A visit to Deacon’s web site revealed many interesting pieces of news, downloads and images as well as personal and tour information.
Copyright © 2004